General Public Awareness Regarding Covid-19 Among Patients Visiting the Dental OPD


  • Shoaib Ahmed Khan
  • Hasham Aleem
  • Batool Zehra
  • Mohammad Saqib Hameed
  • Zafar Abbas
  • Taha Arshad



Covid-19, pandemic, corona virus, preventive SOPs


Background and Objectives: The Covid-19 pandemic created a worldwide health crisis disrupting our daily lives. With no clear
mode of therapy for it, prevention for the outbreak was the best course of action. The objective of the study was to assess general
public awareness regarding Covid-19 among patients visiting the dental OPD at Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine.
Methodology: A total of 300 questionnaires were distributed among patients visiting the dental OPD at Altamash Institute of
Dental Medicine between October-November 2020. 277 questionnaires were returned completely filled. Questions were close
ended, assessing knowledge of symptoms of covid-19, mode of transmission, prevention, as well as source of information about covid19.
Results: The results showed that a majority of people were aware of covid-19 & its symptoms. However, people were not fully
aware of its transmission. Participants were generally well aware of SOPs & protection from covid-19 infections. Television and
internet were the most commonsources of information regarding covid-19.
Conclusion: The study showed that most participants exhibited good knowledge of Covid-19. Mass vaccination remains a problem in
Pakistan and using television and internet to educate the people regarding eventual vaccination will be of great help.