Knowledge about Oral Hygiene and Miswak Use among Medical Students of Pakistan


  • Ambreen Gul
  • Ayesha Haq
  • Sadaf Mumtaz
  • Aashi Ahmad
  • Alishba Iftikhar
  • Monal Fatima



Background and Objectives: Chewing sticks are commonly used as affordable oral hygiene tool in various parts of the
world due to its antifungal, antimicrobial properties and is recommended by World Health Organization (WHO 1984). The
study aimed to disclose knowledge about oral hygiene and miswak use among medical& dental students.
Material and Methods: A valid and credible questionnaire was used to conduct a cross-sectional descriptive study. Related to
the knowledge about oral hygiene and use of Miswak. Responses were recorded as frequencies and percentages. Data was
analyzed using SPSS version 21. The study was conducted from May to August 2019 at HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences
Results: Students rated the use of toothbrush and paste superior {n=90(75%)} to miswak use{n=3(2.5%)} highly significant (p
value is <0.05). Forty eight percent of students considered the use of toothbrush to be more beneficial while the knowledge of
use of miswak was only 7%(n=6) as per cultural reasons. The frequency of use of miswak was twice a day in 53%(n=47) of studen ts
mainly due to religious awareness {n=58(66%)}.
Conclusion: Medical students have little experience using a miswak, but if they have the right training and information, they
would preferto use both a miswak and a toothbrush.