A Survey of Oral Hygiene Habits of Patients Presenting to Rehman College of Dentistry


  • Warda Fayyaz
  • Mashal Ahmad
  • Mahnoor Parvez
  • Maimoona Ayaz
  • Zubair Durrani




Background and Objectives: Wide range of oral hygiene maintenance practices exist in this part of world. While
generally modern techniques of maintaining oral hygiene have become a norm in the society, no data exists
regarding correct use of these practices and the frequency in which they are employed. This study is an attempt to
quantify these techniques and record their usage.
Methodology: A cross sectional analytical study was planned and a questionnaire was developed. A total of 200 adult
patients presenting to Rehman College of Dentistry were interviewed. Data was recorded and analyzed using SPSS
Results: Results in general show that people are using modern techniques along with traditional methods like Miswak
on regular basis to clean their teeth.
Conclusion: Further awareness regarding oral hygiene practices and their correct use needs to be created. People
also need more guidance regarding alternative oral hygiene techniques, and the importance of regular dental
checkups and scaling.