A Prospective Study of Postoperative Pain after Root Canal Treatment


  • Sonia Zakir
  • Mashal Zeb Jan




Background and Objectives: A component of endodontic therapy is the prevention and management of post-operative pain
The postoperative discomfort and suffering associated with root canal therapy (RCT) are more severe and frequent than those
associated with other dental procedures. The objective of this study is to determine the frequency and intensity of PEP
(post-operative pain)after root canal therapy (RCT) in teeth having healthy and unhealthy pulps.
Methodology: This prospective study, which was conducted from July 2022 to December 2022. Participants included
all individuals (n=193) who underwent RCT in teeth with pulp (vital or pulp)after receiving initial therapy for symptomatic
irreversible pulpitis at Rehman College of Dentistry in Peshawar. Using a standardized questionnaire, data on things
like gender, age, pulpal diagnosis and tooth location were acquired. Patients were questioned regarding the rate their
level of pain using a 1–5 point scale within 24 hours after therapy at 6, and 18 hours post-treatment.
Results: RCT of teeth with live pulp resulted in higher post-operative discomfort (63.8%; 2.46 1.4, vs. 38.5%; 1.78 1.2,
resp.) than with necrotic pulp. Both spontaneous and prompted pain had no statistically significant correlation with the
pulp state.
Conclusion: In comparison to teeth with necrotic pulp, RCT of teeth with viable pulp caused a considerably greater
degree and incidence of post-operative pain.